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Website development California

Our website must start with a sitemap in which any user can easily navigate. Our website must be intuitive, encouraging users to consume a greater number of contents that will allow them to get to know us better.

Content organization is fundamental for its understanding by the users who visit us. The characteristics of your products or services, or your added values, should be reflected on the web. It is our showcase on the Internet, we must sell what we do as users download any of our pages.

Our websites include:

website design company in florida

Sitemap planning

website development company

Content consulting

custom web design

Programming from scratch

web design studio

Friendly url's consulting

web design California

Image optimization

web development California

Responsive design

web development company California
  • 01. Sitemap organization to encourage our visitors to navigate through different pages.
  • 02. Consulting on how to organize the contents within the website and how to reflect and write them.
  • 03. On a wordpress base we program the whole website from scratch. Clean and optimized code
  • 04. The urls must indicate the path to the eyes of Google robot of the information that we are going to present to them.
  • 05. Images must be optimized, without losing resolution, and load at good speed.
  • 06. The mobile version is becoming more and more important and that makes it necessary to adapt the web design to cell phones.

Web design company

We are located in California, and we know how and in what way Americans visit websites and surf the Internet. That's why we generate for our clients all the strategy that a website needs to achieve its main objective:

Get qualified leads.

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Websites must be designed and programmed for subsequent search engine positioning. Well optimized code and images is essential to achieve the two objectives we are looking for: A good look and feel and rank on the first page of Google.

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website designing company